Monday, May 2, 2011

Paravicini: An Inspiration

Born extremely premature at 25 weeks, Derek Paravicini is a blind autistic savant who is presently a musical prodigy. He has a severe case of learning disability due to the effect of oxygen therapy on his developing bran. Despite all this, he has developed an absolute pitch and is able to play any music pieces after simply hearing it for a single time. At the age of two, his nanny gave him an old keyboard, which is when he started to play the piano.

At the age of seven, he had his first concert at the Tooting Leisure Centre in South London and his first major public concert when he was nine at the Barbican Hall in London. At 10, the Princess of Wales, Princess Diana, presented Derek with the Barnardo's Children's Champion Award. He also got to play at Ronnie Scott's Jazz Club and, at the present, a resident at the Royal National Institute of the Blind.

Paravicini's disabilities set some limitations in some aspects of his life, but it did not keep him from completely living the life he wants and deserves.

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